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  • We started KLUE, and our moto is “Be part of drink water, not sugar”. And our mission is to this day is helps to encourge drinking of water as people perceive it as boring & tasteless with the brand name KLUE. “The water that makes you enjoy the drinking water” – fruit flavored water that is perfectly delicious and perfectly healthy. Which will make support your lifestyle to make it more sustainable. 

Tap water, Mineral water, Package water, Filter water. We have heard only such product but now water processing has introduced new and unique product that is flavored water. Flavoured water is a beverage consisting of water with added natural or artificial flavours, herbs and sweeteners, and is usually lower in calories than non-diet soft drinks. In many cases, flavoured waters add vitamins and minerals to their beverages through the incorporation of fruits in order to better market their products.

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